Although the real estate sector

Although the real estate sector is facing multi-year slowdown, the affordable housing segment has gained momentum after the government provided infrastructure to it in the last years budget.The bank did not specify whether the borrowing would be in rupee denomination or foreign currency..New Delhi: State Bank of India on Wednesday said its board has given nod to raise Rs 20,000 crore for financing affordable housing and infrastructure projects through long- term bonds. Recently, HDFC Capital Advisors, an arm of mortgage leader HDFC, closed its second affordable housing fund, creating a USD 1-billion corpus.Shares of State Bank of India (SBI) closed 3.

It had said that the fund-raising would take place through a public offer and/or private placement of senior unsecured notes in US dollar or any other wholesale sheet metal convertible currency during 2017-18 and 2018-19. Earlier this month, SBI had announced plans to raise up to USD 2 billion by issuing bonds in the US dollar or other convertible currency to fund overseas expansion.44 per cent higher at Rs 306.”The executive committee of the Central Board in its meeting held today has inter alia approved, the proposal for issuance of long term bonds of Rs 20,000 crore for financing of infrastructure and affordable housing in domestic and overseas market in FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19,” the countrys largest bank said in a BSE filing.

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The standard asset provisions

The standard asset provisions, or the amount of money to be set aside for every loan given, on home loan was lowered to 0.In the second bi-monthly monetary policy review announced on June 7, RBI had reduced the LTV (loan to value) ratios, risk weights and standard asset provisioning rate for individual housing loans on certain category for new customers. As of March 2017, annual bank credit growth was 7.”Although lower risk weights would boost sluggish credit growth while limiting the effect on banks capital position, we believe competition for housing loans has significantly increased among banks and non-bank finance companies,” the report said.6 per cent, down from 10..25 per cent from the earlier 0.

The Reserve Banks recent move to reduce risk weights and standard asset provisioning on individual housing loans are credit negative for the banking sector, says a report.RBI lowered the risk weight for housing loans above Rs 75 lakh to 50 per cent custom Pneumatic valve parts Manufacturers from the earlier 75 per cent, while for loans between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 75 lakh, the risk weights were cut to 35 per cent from 50 per cent. The RBI also removed the previous distinction of risk weights based on loan-to-value ratios for loans in the same category.2 per cent the previous year.Over the next 12-18 months, the rating agency expects overall system bank credit growth to remain muted given banks weak balance sheets amid continued asset quality deterioration.”The RBIs moves are credit negative for banks because lower capital requirements will weaken banks protection from the housing sector, which has grown rapidly in recent years, and will encourage greater lending,” global rating agency Moodys said in a report here today. Since 2015, housing loan growth has been roughly double that of overall bank credit.40 per cent.It said this growth is occurring as non-bank finance companies increasingly target the home-loan segment, posing greater downside risk if there is a correction in property prices.

There are hardly any parks left

There are hardly any parks left. Following this, the junior tree officer of workers from the ward will visit the housing societies and carry out the subsequent procedure.” This venture will be taken up at the ward level, and citizens will have to approach the respective ward offices with applications declaring that they have space to plant more than five trees in the compound of their housing societies. But the survival ratio of trees in this city is less than 40 per cent.Terming the venture “unrealistic”, D. It will also provide the saplings free of cost to these housing societies.

Former mayor and corporator Shubha Raul said, “We are running out of space on the side of roads and in parks. The decision was taken in the BMC’s tree committee meeting on Tuesday. Roadsides are completely concretised, and whatever little space is left on streets will be used for parking. If the BMC had any experts at all, they would have helped maintain the China Custom Aluminum CNC machining parts Factory present trees.In a bid to increase the city’s green cover, especially when Mumbai is facing a crunch in open spaces to plant new tress, the BMC has decided to approach housing societies willing to plant more than five trees in their compound, and aid them dig holes in the ground for planting the saplings ‘properly’.

In the midst of this, if we are to increase the green cover in the city, we will have to approach housing societies. While the committee members have cited this proposal to be a significant decision in the process of improving the health of saplings and trees in the city, experts have pointed it out to be an “unrealistic approach” to addressing the problem of dwindling number of trees in the city.”. Stalin, from NGO Vanashakti said, “The BMC does not have ward wise experts to visit each housing society, and the initiative will get lost in bureaucratic hurdles.

Traditional lenders that have historically

The growth in the sector was also impacted by a slowdown in new project launches with buyers and investors deferring their home purchase decisions in expectation of a decline in real estate prices,” the rating agency noted.Mumbai: While the total housing credit growth slowed down in FY17, housing finance (HFCs) firms operating in affordable housing segment witnessed a significant increase in loan growth.Smaller HFCs with a higher share of self-employed customers had reported an increase in gross NPAs in Q3 FY17 with borrower cash flows being impacted by demonetisation, the asset quality however improved in Q4 FY17.According to Icra, the total housing credit growth dropped to 16 per cent in FY17 from 19 per cent in FY16, with the overall housing credit standing at Rs 14.

These HFC’s growth was supported by an increase in supply of affordable housing projects, the infrastructure status accorded to the sector and the improved borrower affordability supported by lower interest rates and capital subsidy through the credit-linked subsidy scheme.84 per cent as on March 31, 2017.Traditional lenders that have historically focused on the prime segment have also started lending to this segment.According to it, HFCs’ asset quality remained comfortable with gross non-performing assets (NPAs) of 0.2 lakh crore, continued to grow at a faster pace of 28 per cent in FY17 compared to the industry.. ICRA expects affordable housing finance to continue to outpace the industry, going forward as well.However, HFCs operating in the affordable housing space, with a total portfolio of Rs 1.4 lakh crore as on March 31, 2017.“While the slowdown was across both HFCs and banks, the decline in the pace of growth of banks was higher – declining from 18 per cent in FY2016 to 15 per cent for FY2017 – largely because they were operationally tied up in Wholesale custom Sit-stand desks Suppliers the second half of FY17 on account of demonetisation.

The criterion for filing complaints

According to civic norms, owners cannot live in flats until it has been given an OC from the building proposal department of BMC..Mumbai: Builders of lakhs of housing societies in the city that do not have an China custom sheet metal parts for sale occupation certificate (OC) will have to register their projects with the recently introduced Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act.Speaking from his under-construction office measuring around 6,000 square feet, Mr Chatterjee said, “We have received two applications from builders for their projects in Titwala and they are by the Mayfair Group and another by the Raunak Group. The act is said to make the process of buying and selling of houses “transparent” with buyers able to register complaints against builders online. Notices will be served only in case our office gets complaint against any project. The criterion for filing complaints is that the particular project should be registered with RERA failing which a complaint can be filed against that particular builder.

The regulatory authority has said that under this act, all projects that do not have an OC will be considered as ongoing projects and will get a period of three months starting May 1, 2017, to register with the housing regulator.Gautam Chatterjee, interim officer heading RERA in the state, said, “One of the most challenging aspects of RERA will be finding those builders who completed their projects years ago and gave possession to buyers.In the event the regulator receives a complaint against any housing society, it will be forced to act against the respective builder.”RERA is said to be a pro-buyer act and under it, all housing projects are to be registered. Along with this, ten brokers have also applied for getting themselves registered which will be cleared in the next two days. Meanwhile, in the first two days itself, the state housing regulator has received applications from two developers and ten brokers to register their projects.”As per rough estimates, around 56,000 buildings in the city do not have an OC.”He explained further saying, “Complaints from buyers will eventually start coming in after three months.

The bass reflex also doubles as a heat exhaust for the internal amplifier circuit

Handling the speaker with the grille will simply come loose and you would damage the speaker. If you find the audio echoing or out of sync, a bit, you can tweak the phase controls to help sync the audio and the bass from zero-degrees all the way to 180-degrees. Cheaper Chinese models can probably save your dough, but we are sure custom steel bushing manufacturers they won’t be worth the investment in the long run.Lastly, the gain can be considered as the volume control for the subwoofer. However, you have to make sure you get a demo before you opt in. The grille is basically for protection to the 8-inch driver below it, from other materials and luggage that would be stored inside the trunk. The right side holds all the connectivity and controls for the subwoofer. But we can definitely help you with one product that we can ensure you won’t regret.

The filter can help you differentiate between bass output, depending on your preference.Well, in this review, we cannot give you the experience of how an audio speaker system will sound inside your car as every car has a different shape and size, which matters to how the speakers inside it perform. The woofer has a bass-reflex port enclosure with a class-D amplifier running it from within. The entire speaker is covered with a black, carpet material, which gives it a sombre look and also prevents it from slipping around inside the trunk. You cant beat the price of this tiny, all-in-one boomer for your car. The boom is excellent too.You can control the audio filter to produce or amplify the audio frequencies between 70 and 90Hz, which are the main, deepest bass elements in audio. The thumps are great, but not too punchy.

The 8200A is a tiny subwoofer system that has a great bass reproduction with a reasonable price tag.The speaker driver faces the rear of the car, which is the best position for bass reproduction and audio reflection. All the necessary wires, screws and fuses are provided within the speaker packaging itself. This shape is defined so that it can rest against the rear seat within the boot/trunk without wasting space.. You have to get ready to shell anything between Rs 8,000 and Rs 25,000 to get the speakers changed, amplifiers replaced and even replace your audio player at times.Going below the hood, the GTb 8200 A is powered by a class-D amplifier with a maximum output of 200 Watts or 75 Watts RMS, and a frequency response of 20Hz to 200Hz, which is perfectly matched with the driver for the best performance. This is usually required for the best audio experience, especially since bass has no stereo reproduction as it has a single speaker and needs to merge the audio properly from both channels.

The front sports an 8-inch driver (Spun Paper Cone membrane material) that is open, but protected by two steel grilles. The Blaupunkt GTb 8200 A will definitely add a little punch to an otherwise lifeless factory speaker/sub setup in your car. If you want to stay within a low budget, there are a few choices out there. The entire speakers system is made from an MDF housing material for the best audio performance.If youre looking for something to round up your car audio system, then this is it.All you need to do is to ask a technician to get the speaker connected and you can then enjoy some really pleasant, upscaled music when on the move.2 inches, weighs 6. Blaupunkt’s GTb 8200 A is a perfect budget active subwoofer for almost any sized car, and is tiny enough to keep away from the space hurdles. The 8200 A has a small footprint, is decent on sound, light on the wallet and very simple to install. Alternatively, if your audio system has a separate remote signal output, you could use a wire to link the speaker accordingly for power sensing. However, these boomy audio shakers don’t come in cheap.

The amplifier also holds separate controls for lowpass filter, phase and gain, for which the controls are provided outside. It measures just 9. The bass reflex also doubles as a heat exhaust for the internal amplifier circuit. The product adds to the bottom end of your audio experience without emptying your wallet. The GTb 8200 A is priced at an MRP of Rs 11,490 but the street price is approximately Rs 6,900. It also adds to the looks. To get a better explanation, watch the video below that explains the phase requirements for audio speakers.If you find your car’s stock audio system sounding too tinny, or if you want to enhance the audio experience for your drive, you need to invest in a subwoofer.While there are many brands in automobile audio systems out there, Blaupunkt is a very well-known and trusted brand.7 x 10. The video can also help you know if you have correctly connected the input polarity for the speaker.5A fuse.9kg, and is shaped like a trapezoid from the rear end.

It also features an automatic on/off controller that senses ‘no audio’ signals to turn off the power when the car’s keys are removed. You can choose to increase or decrease the power, thump or boom of the bass by tweaking the gain control. The top has a slit for the bass reflex, and should not be covered. Here’s another video that can help with phase tweaking. You will immediately experience the upscaled audio quality inside your car with great bass added to your existing music. This includes the line in RCA jacks, High input speaker connectors, control knobs for X-Over, Phase and Gain, an input selector switch (RCA / High) and power and remote connector terminals along with a 7.

However, if you are handling one of these speakers, do note that you should not lift or handle the speaker by this grille as they are not fixed to the speaker and are easily removable.8 x 10. Unless you are a person who enjoys really high bass, we suggest that you take some time off and play some wide range of music genres to tune and tweak your newly-installed subwoofer.The audio performance is remarkable. At high volumes, the speakers don’t rumble or distort — thanks to the matched speaker-amplifier pairing. Once installed, you can tune your music playback with your car’s internal audio system by tweaking the control knobs for the filter, phase and gain, accordingly. However, the excess boom from the bass will ruin the audio experience at high gain/volumes.

This will benefit BJP in Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Mr Fadnavis is looking at the 2019 elections and Mumbai BJP President Ashish Shelar welcomed the decision.. The law department has expressed its concern over this proposal, which was mooted by the housing department, and opposed it looking at the ratio decidendi (the rationale for the decision) of the high court order.Mumbai: Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis is in a dilemma over whether to go ahead with an amendment to the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) Act, which will shift the current cut-off of 2000 to 2011 for rehabilitating illegal slum dwellers under the slum redevelopment policy and provide homes under the ‘Prime Minister Housing For All’ scheme.

However, in spite of the law department’s misgivings, the Cabinet has approved the proposal and the bill will be introduced. This will benefit BJP in Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), which is the vote bank of Congress, Shiv Sena and other parties. If slums built till 2011 are allowed to be rehabilitated, it will add 35 to 40 lakh new houses because of 4 FSI as per policy. Now, the chief minister wants to give homes to ineligible hutment dwellers, who have been living in the slums since before January 1, 2011.The move could also affect redevelopment schemes.

As per the SRA Act, the cut-off date for rehabilitation is 1995 and the high court refused to grant permission to increase it up to January 1, 2001. If the government is amending the law and allowing huge constructions in the city, then it needs to provide additional infrastructure also considering increase in population, sources from the housing department said.The BMC has approved the Development Plan (DP) of the city and send it to the government for approval. The legal department has, however, raised serious objections and opposed the amendment, considering a high court order, sources told The Asian Age.

The high court had earlier rejected the government’s plea to increase the cut-off date, and the court may pull the government up for contempt. The Cabinet had recently approved the move to bring the amendment during the ongoing session of the Legislature. If court grants a stay or pulls up the government for contempt, the latter might be left red-faced. Open spaces and other infrastructure provisions has been made as per today’s legal provisions. The government has taken this major wholesale custom sheet metal parts decision in the absence any scientific study, consultation and legal basis.